6 Tips on Planning your Clearwater Beach Honeymoon

Once you have finalized your wedding ceremony and reception details, it’s time to get on the honeymoon planning…Woohoo! The honeymoon for many is the highlight of the wedding and with the right information, planning your honeymoon should be fun and stress-free for both you and your soon to be life partner. Let's explore some of the best reasons for choosing Clearwater Beach, Florida as your honey moon destination.

Couples tend to have different interests, likes, and honeymoon ideas. Fortunately, Clearwater Beach provides a honeymoon destination that offers enough variety to make your honeymoon memorable. In fact, Clearwater Beach, Florida is a favorite honeymoon destination for many couples.

Did you know that in 2019 Clearwater Beach has been named the Trip Advisor best beach in the world? In fact Clearwater Beach has garnered this award for three out of the last five years!

To plan the most romantic Clearwater Beach honeymoon, check out these six tips.

1. Where to Stay.

When coming to Clearwater Beach there are a ton of choices on where to stay. Whether you are searching for the ideal Air BnB, VRBO or would like to go the more traditional hotel route, Clearwater Beach has plenty to offer.

Let’s start off with where to stay when looking for the perfect Air Bnb or VRBO.

North Beach more specifically, Carlouel Yacht Club, has fantastic options for newlyweds looking for their own secluded house on the beach. This part of the beach is private and offers the perfect opportunity for you and your soul mate to relax in total peace and quiet.

Here are a few rental listings I found to be ideal for a romantic honeymoon get away:

Looking to soak it up at a resort? Then look no further than these three hotels. Not ranked in any particular order these three hotels each offer honeymooners an opportunity to unwind while being pampered by the amenities of each hotel.

2. Settle on an Itinerary.

Depending on how many beach days you want, will depend on the best itinerary for you. While I love soaking up the sun, sand, and salt, I’m usually ready to do something else after three days. Here is my perfect itinerary recommendation for you:

Day One: Relax & “Unwine”. Arrive at your accommodation, unpack and relax with a bottle of your favorite wine and appetizers. You can find a Publix grocery near by which will have a large variety of wine and already prepared hors ‘d'oeuvres to choose from. Oh and be sure to pick up a delicious dessert from the bakery to indulge in. You will want to rest up because the next few days will be dedicated to fun in the sun!

Day Two: Don’t set your alarm. When you get up plan to do breakfast at the Sand Pearl Caretta on the Gulf. You can walk there from almost anywhere on the beach, however if you rented a car you can also drive and valet it for free. Just be sure to have your valet ticket stamped after dining at the restaurant. For the money the views and food here cannot be beat! After finishing up you will want to make your way to the marina for dolphin sight seeing. I recommend going out on the _________________________. The owners are great and there has not been a time where I have yet to see dolphins jumping over the boat’s wake. Truly a good time!

Grab your stuff and head to Life Guard Tower 5. This tower is north of Pier 60 and is typically less packed with tourists. Once you start feeling hungry for lunch or dinner, I would recommend eating at Badfins Food + Brew at least once during your trip. It’s not uncommon for most visitors to eat at this locally owned restaurant at least two or three times. Not only do they have a fun menu with fresh eats, they also have the largest local craft beer selection on the beach! With 34 taps, you will be sure to find something you like. Unsure of what to choose? Badfins offers a brewery like service where you can sample as many beers as you like. Be sure to check out their website for live music as well. Badfins Food + Brew hosts the best local bands in the area which makes this place the spot for dinner and entertainment.

Day Three:


Live Music Calendar: